Monday, January 19, 2009

Mmm! I've tasted some del.ici.ous readings!

I enjoyed learning about the different resources that are available-literally at click of a mouse for teachers. I never knew that so many incredible sources existed, which is why I am so pleased to be taking this course. I am learning things that will be valuable to me in my future. The RSS feed seems like such a neat resource! I think I will be able to use that very often in my future efforts as a teacher. It will keep me updated with important news and events. It makes looking at headlines easy, as you only have to click on one site to access many of them. I really love the idea of being able to keep up with current educational news. RSS will enable me to do so.
I also loved Goodreads and del.ici.ous! Goodreads will enable me to access important information about pieces of literature that other teachers are implementing and teaching in their classrooms. I am sure that it will benefit me in enabling me to get ideas and to teach my students in an effective, engaging manner. Del.ici.ous will enable me to easily access important bookmarks for various websites and videos, whether they be my own or those of my friends. This will make researching and lesson planning easier for me.
Finally, I am grateful to have learned a great deal about the protocol for what is or is not fair use of copyrighted materials. This helps teachers to know when it is or is not appropriate for them to use certain materials in their classroom. This knowledge will be very helpful to me in the future and will prevent me from breaking any copyright laws.

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