Monday, March 23, 2009

Classroom Technology Inventory

I am in a 1st grade class and upon doing my technology inventory assessment, I was surprised to find that there was not as much technology in the classroom I've been assigned as I thought there would be. However, the children are in first grade, which makes sense as to why they would not be surrounded by a vast amount of technology at this particular point in time. There is one computer in my classroom. This computer can be hooked up to a projector and used to show power points to the children. The students also have access to television sets, which can be brought into the room to show them educational videos. The students have access to a computer lab that is estimated to have about 30 computers in it. The students are able to do a variety of activities on these computers ranging from math problems to writing to reading comprehension activities. The possibilities are endless for the children.

We live in a day that teaches children about technology at a very early age. I marvel at the things that young children are able to do on the computer. I think it is extremely beneficial to teach them computer skills early, as it promotes a concrete knowledge for them in their futures. Technology surrounds students and the day we live in requires that students are exposed to technology often, as it helps them to understand and internalize various subjects. Not only does technology help students to learn subjects better, but it also makes subjects much more interesting for them. Rather than merely hearing a direct instruction lesson, students have the ability to apply the concepts they are learning to their lives through the use of technology. I have seen the faces of the students in my class beam with huge smiles of excitement each time they have been given the opportunity to go to the computer lab. For example, on one particular day, the students were able to do math problems and they were able to complete the problems given to them in a fast manner. I believe that this had to do greatly with the students' eagerness to use technology. If it can enhance students' learning and help them to be more engaged, technology should definitely be implemented into the classroom starting as early as possible. I have seen the positive outcomes of technology first hand with the students I teach. I cannot wait to use it in my classroom!

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