Monday, March 2, 2009


Content: Grade 5 Standard 2 objective 2a
Plot a time line of the key events of the Revolutionary War.

The aim of this lesson is to encourage the students to be independent in the learning process. They will be guided through it, yet most of it will be structured in such a way that the students will be the ones making the discoveries. As these students make observations, they will be able to analyze information. Through the virtual tour, they will be able to identify important locations of significant battles fought during the Revolutionary War. The students will be assessed in the forms of writing personal poems, participating in a play, making dioramas, and participating in debates. These activities will be both engaging and fun for the students, as they will teach them to search for answers predominantly on their own. Finding such answers will prove to be far more meaningful to the students than merely teaching them through direct instruction. This pedagogy will enable to students to accomplish the tasks outlined in the standard's objective. They will actively participate in constructing a thorough time line through the activities they participate in throughout the process.

Google Earth will be used to conduct this virtual tour for the students. This program will be used to plot the locations of the important battles fought during the Revolutionary war. These locations will be put together in the form of a tour, which will provide the students with a cohesive understanding of the material. Google Earth makes teaching such information affordable, time-efficient, and fun! It enables the students to feel like they are there without actually being there. It will present them with a field trip like no other! This program also plots out the locations in a way that helps students to easily be able to locate them on a map. Finally, the locations of the tour will follow a logical sequence- they will be shown in a sequence that follows a chronological outline. This will assist the students in remembering which events came first, second, third, etc.

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