Monday, February 9, 2009

Storyboard for Martin Luther King Jr. Documentary

Content: 6th grade Language Arts Standard 8, Objective 6: Produce informational texts (biographies) through viewing medias. I decided to do a teacher-centered lesson in order to teach my students about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. However, this lesson could be altered if needed, in order to foster personal learning within the students.

Pedagogy: I chose to do a biographical documentary on the life of Martin Luther King Jr., which ties into Language Arts as well as Social Studies. The students are able to develop an understanding of how to write a biography about a person- whether that person is a family member, friend, famous author, or historical figure- the students are able to acquire an understanding of how to complete such a process.

Technology: This project will make use of PhotoStory. This program is free and provides teachers with an easy way to create movies to show in their classroom. Not only can teachers use it, but students can benefit from using this program as well. It provides students with ample opportunities to experiment and learn information firsthand.

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