Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 4

Sarah Speirs and I worked together on our lovely moon phases project. In it, the content we focused on was that of astronomy, particularly the moon's phases. This Science lesson makes use of technology, which can be found on the computer program, Stellarium. This technology provides students with an opportunity to look at the moon in a way that they never dreamed possible before! They are able to view its phases on the computer screen without ever having to go outside to do so. Weather, time, safety measures- none of these things can prevent the students from being able to view the phases of the moon. In the area of pedagogy, the teacher supervises, instructs, and helps wherever her students need her to do so. Stellarium provides students with a wonderful, unique opportunity to guide themselves in the learning process- giving them the opportunity to learn in a matter they see fit. They work independently, record their own observations, and come to their own conclusions, which enables them to learn in a fun, more intrinsically-motivated way.

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