Monday, April 6, 2009

My Use of Technology During the Practicum

The Friday before my practicum ended, I was able to do an awesome lesson that used technology! I used the computer and an LCD projector in order to teach my 1st grade students about symmetry. I used a power point presentation I had created to teach the students about symmetry. I tried to make it as colorful and interactive as possible in order to ensure that the students would be engaged. The students were able to see various examples and non-examples of objects and living things that exhibited symmetry. Their participation was incorporated into the presentation, as they came up to the screen and showed me where symmetry existed on the objects I showed. Using technology in my classroom provided me with an activity that the students really enjoyed! They loved seeing the examples of symmetry and especially loved that I chose objects they were familiar with. For example, I used a picture of Hannah Montana, which a lot of the girls in the class loved. And the class had been learning about insects and butterflies in the week prior to my lesson so I showed a butterfly as an example of something that is symmetrical. I hope that in my future school, I will have the ability to incorporate technology into my lessons. It makes all of the difference in the students' engagement in lessons!

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