Sunday, April 19, 2009

Peer Ideas of How to Integrate Technology

I liked Becca Pike's presentation about a Promethean board. It's like an upgraded version of a smart board. You can save a shared or interactive writing post on it, which I am just amazed by, as I did not have a Promethean board in my classroom. Becca did a lesson where they learned steps of writing and the students were able to use this board to highlight, make corrections, and implement various editing techniques.

Katie Warning used a video from national geographic about jumping spiders. She also used a page of pictures from google. She said the students were engaged in this topic. Katie made great use of the technology she had in her classroom (her school had very little technology).

I also loved how Lexy used a game from the Blue's Clues website to teach the concept of "sink vs. float." This was a very engaging game for her students (from what she shared) and she maintained management in her class while doing it by giving the students spoons to hold up to show their guess of an object either sinking or floating. Great idea Lexy!

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